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I have new items coming on a consistent basis. If you are interested in something you don't see in my inventory, please let me know.

Note for Canadian residents: should you purchase from any of the parties advertising in this site you will be responsible for your own importation into Canada as I neither import nor export to Canada.

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If you are new to Japanese swords, these two articles I wrote are handy references (now merged into one). They seem to have been copied frequently throughout the internet either verbatim or loosely paraphrased at this point in time.

Advertise Your Sword

It's possible to send a sword for photography and consignment sale on my website. I arrange to have your sword photographed inside the USA and either held or returned to you while waiting for a sale. Your sword is listed with the same detail and care as my inventory items.

See full Terms and Conditions for Buying, Selling, Trading and Consignment.

Consulting, Finding, and Research

For collectors interested in buying pieces at the Juyo level, I am available to help structure your collection, to find pieces meeting your criteria, and to make sure that you get into the right pieces at the right prices... as well as have proper exit strategies in place should you need to unwind items from your collection.

I can acquire for you through my network of contacts and clients, and often have access to pieces not offered for sale in public. The goal in offering this service is to help people who have interest in building high level collections without the available time to become experts in the field. There are many pitfalls in collecting Japanese Swords, and many such interested people otherwise would not be able to establish themselves in this field because of the time investment it requires. So I am here to advise and assist, feel free to contact me for details.

See full Terms and Conditions for Buying, Selling, Trading and Consignment.

chogiSpecial Note

I am looking for the owner of the following sword illustrated on the left, attributed to Chogi by the NBTHK (Osafune Nagayoshi). It was sold at Christie's London in 2007 (from my collection). It is easily identified by the suken in the nakago. I have some important information regarding this piece. If you know the owner or are the owner or have seen the sword, please contact me.


Japanese Swords of the Bizen Tradition

Bob Benson and I are collaborating on a series of books, featuring swords owned by North American collectors, with additional articles provided by past or present collectors and experts in our community.

The series will comprise several volumes, the first of which is Japanese Swords of the Bizen Tradition, which is currently available for purchase! Click on the book cover to the right for more information about the book and purchasing it.

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The Nihonto Knowledge Base is a web application I wrote for people to research smiths. I donated the use of code to the JSSUS and they are currently running it on their website under "Research." Only guaranteed to work under IE and Mozilla Firefox as it uses all kinds of funky tricks, but should work mostly right I think on anything.

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